Frequently Asked Questions

The Urban Butler specializes in cleaning, but our mother company, Executive Butlers, does much more. Just contact the Butler at [email protected] and we will accommodate any request.
Yes! We always carry a substantial policy so you are always protected. We also thoroughly vet and check each contractor, employee, and associate. We have built our reputation on ten years of Service to high profile Clients and ensure your safety and confidentiality.

At this stage, we currently only offer a Service, 6 days per week (Monday-Saturday), however, if Sundays or Public holidays are required, we will always try to accommodate this. Should you require this, please email The Butler at [email protected] with your request.

Each member goes through a minimum of one month’s training, under the supervision of The Butler, an accredited Butler from the London Guild of British Butlers. The training continues in the field for a further period of 6 months minimum, before the new member can start leading a team. We also hold monthly team meetings, where we focus on how to improve the quality of the Urban butler Service, even further.

It is not a requirement, but again, this is always appreciated and shows the teams how you feel about their work. We promise that each member of our team is well looked after and compensated fully for their hard work.

No, not within Colorado Springs, all transportation is paid for by The Urban Butler. If you wish to use this Service outside of the city limits, email The Butler at [email protected] for pricing.

We are a “United Nations” of people and come from all over the world.  Although the majority of our team is from the United States, a few members of the team are from South Africa, South America and Europe, have a look at their mini profiles here.

If you’re looking for fun people to work with apply here.

Square will send you a receipt via email, however, if you would like a receipt from The Urban Butler for other Services, you can receive this quickly and easily by sending an email request to [email protected]. This will then be emailed back to you.

Currently, The Urban Butler does not offer this, but Executive Butlers (the mother company) does! Send an email to [email protected] for pricing on in-home and delivered laundry.

We are currently providing Services in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, including Briargate, Security-Widefield, and parts of Fountain.

Yes! Additionally, if you manage several properties, we are offering to link those with our booking system. This way any new Airbnb bookings are directly registered for a check-in/check-out Service on our platform, making it easier for you to manage your properties.

Yes! We offer many green chemicals that are safe for the environment and the little ones. We are committed to Service, and that means protecting your family from harsh chemicals.

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