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“The Urban Butler is a wonderful service. The staff is professional, reliable, honest and courteous. They work in pairs and are thorough and fast. After every cleaning, I am asked for feedback so the service is consistently improving. I highly recommend them!”

– Confidential client      
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“The Urban Butler is amazing and does an incredible job! Any Tel Aviv home or business should hire them as they are timely, reputable, and do a very good cleaning job. Lucky to have used their service!”

– Elizabeth Jaffe, Tel-Aviv      

“The urban butler service is a very reliable and trustworthy company. They do a great job cleaning up our dorm…making it look as good as new.”

– Corry Weinstein, United States      

“The Butler is a very timely cleaning service that makes my apartment immaculate each time they come to clean. My roommates and I rely on them heavily each week and look forward to the next time that they come”

– Kirya Ades-Aron, Tel-Aviv     

“They do a great job and so customer oriented. Loved the service and paid attention to detail.”

– Josh Sirota, Tel Aviv      

“Excellent service Which I particularly appreciated. I recommend it to you.”

– Alain Ouaknine, France      

“Very professional and organized service! Always on time and very accommodating!!”

– Maya Kotz, United States      

“Amazing service. Recommend to anyone living in Tel-Aviv.”

– Ryan Harris, Tel Aviv      

“Amazing service! Always very organized and on time!”

– Jared Fried, Tel-Aviv      

“Wonderful service! Totally safe and easy to book!!”

– Andrew Litman, Tel-Aviv