Online-Booking Cleaning Service in Tel-Aviv

Last week, saw the launch of an Online Booking Service, the first of its kind in Israel.
From the early days of dealing with clients, via many backwards and forward emails, arranging times and hours, in organising a Cleaning Service for clients in Tel Aviv.
Thanks to an incredible team of social media ninjas and crazy developers, all working as Butlers for the Urban Butler, a new wing of Executive Butlers, we were able to bring forth, our new baby.
From the first page on the website, one can browse all our Services and more specifically, the booking processHomepage The Urban Butler, cleaning service in Tel Aviv and Israel.

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Currently, we are providing Services for:
  • Private apartment and houses in Tel Aviv
  • University Dorms – TAU and I.D.C. Herzliya (Currently under development) 
  • Airbnb Property Management, with a fully automated booking system
Online booking interface

Online Booking Interface

Type of Service:
After selecting the type of Service, clients can choose between a Once-Off Service or a Service Contract, that may be purchased under the “Members Zone” page of the website.
Service Category Selection

Service Category Selection

Property Size:
Each Service is set according to the number of bedrooms in a property, thus ensuring an efficient and speedy quotation. The prices are set accordingly, and clients can then select what Services they require via an easy tickable booking form. This detailed information, enables the Butlers to perform their duties, speedily and efficiently and thus, The Urban Butler, strives to give the very best of Service.
Property Type Selection

Property Type Selection

Service Schedule:
A number of open slots are displayed, for easy access for the client to choose from.
Schedule Management

Schedule Management

The huge mounds of work and effort over the past few months, has now come to fruition.  This has given the client, the opportunity to receive our very high standards of Service.  We are now able to handle large amounts of reservations without affecting the quality and focus of our Butlers.
As is the norm for us, we listen to our clients’ feedback and suggestions and act on them, this is one of the fundamental stones of our foundation.
With all our best regards,
The Urban Butler Team