A step-by-step bathroom cleaning

Finding your bathroom not clean with guests arriving, is rather embarrassing. The Urban Butler, offers the following, quick solution.


For this you will need:

  • All purpose cloth
  • Shining cloth
  • Anti Kalk
  • Cleaning solution
  • White vinegar and lemon mix
  • Coke and sodium bicarbonate mix
  • Toilet scrubber

Spray the Anti-Kalk solution in the toilet bowl, soak for about three to five minutes.

Then, using a damp cloth or paper towel, wipe the chemical off the edge of the toilet. For the interior, you can use your toilet scrubber.

After finishing, flush and wipe again the outside of the toilet.

If there’s still calk after doing this, you can try using Coke and Sodium Bicarbonate, or white vinegar and lemon. You can apply any of this mixtures and let it soak for about thirty minutes. We used the Coke and sodium bicarbonate but you can choose the one you prefer the most.

Pic 16

Afterwards, use your toilet scrubber to take the remaining calk out. Don’t forget to scrub also on the sides.

To finish, use your shining cloth to shine the buttons on the outside of the toilet, and…

Like new!

Don’t forget to rinse your scrubber with water, after using it, in order to prevent unwanted bacterial growth in your bathroom.