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The Eco-Friendly cleaning service you were looking for.

Maximum quality for your home, Minimum impact on the environment.

A Fully ECO Friendly Cleaning Service in Israel

An ECO friendly cleaning and lifestyle Service which ensures a healthy and hygienic environment in your home, whilst preserving the air you breathe, the water you drink and the surfaces you eat from. Let us remove the stress and hassle of your household chores, whilst giving you both peace of mind, and the comfort to know you will be contributing greatly to the global environmental issues affecting us all.

Toxin Free Cleaning

All of our products are completely free of toxic materials, therefore causing no detrimental impact on the health of your home.

Made from Recycled Packaging

Almost every item we bring to your home will be made from recycled packaging adding further value to our environmentally conscious service.

Professional Cleaning Service

Combining our 10 years of exemplary service, with our in-house expertise on all things ‘Eco’, we will continue to maintain our highest standards.


Not only do we encourage you to build an eco-friendly lifestyle in your home, we offer helpful tips and additional services including; Composting, Recycling, Laundry, Food Preparation & more. Please ask for further information

Environmentally Friendly

Our service prevents the dangerous effects of chemicals to the air, water and surfaces of your home, as well as preventing the same dangerous effects to the vital elements in your local and global environment.

It’s Time to Act

With the many worrying signs about the existing environmental damage, it’s time for us all to consider all the ways we can contribute to preserving our planet, making it a healthier place for generations to come.

Our Services

residential cleaning tel aviv

Private Homes

Whether you have a Studio apartment or a Villa, our fully trained and experienced personnel, are ready to jump into action, and ensure your home is brought to a level of cleanliness that you so desire. We look after your health as well, by the little things, like air con filters and the like, and making sure you enjoy the fresh, clean look and feel of your home.

university dorm room with books


Our Personnel ensure that the dorms are kept to a high standard of cleanliness and order, thus allowing the students, to unwind and relax after many hours of lectures, in a clean and fresh atmosphere.

residential cleaning tel aviv

Airbnb Services

Owners and Managing Agents of properties, now have a fully automated system with The Urban Butler. All their requests from Meet and Greet to Cleaning and Inventory, is made easy at a single click on our booking platform. No more emailing and following up on Services, everything is now more efficient and speedier.

A Unique Service in Israel


The Urban Butler is a wing of Executive Butlers, which is a registered Concept. All Personnel are legal and registered.​

High Standard Housekeeping

Personnel are trained by The Butler, who holds accreditation from the London Guild of Butlers. All Personnel work in Teams, ensuring full checks are done in half the time.​

Online Booking

All our clients have access to an online booking platform, making the process as smooth as possible.​


Our Personnel are punctual and equipped with the best tools. Some products are homemade, with our very own secret ingredients and are child, pet and Eco friendly​

Personal Profile

Clients are given access to their own Personal Profile through our system. Here they can see all Documentation, Invoices and Service Reports, and can make changes to the routines for their homes. The system is friendly and interactive.​

English Speaking

Our Teams are made up of Anglos from all over the globe, thus creating a true “United Nations” of people.​


Areas Serviced

The Urban Butler Only Services the following area. All other areas are Serviced by our Premium Wing.

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