Our Story

Whilst sitting on a sunny beach in Tel Aviv, The Butler, heard a group of people discussing finding the perfect cleaning service. With an already established background (from Executive Butlers), he realised, that there could be a quality Service at a reasonable rate for all Tel-Avivians.

Being unique in everything he did he came up with something different, and in keeping with the unique style, The Butler, surprised himself.

A week later, the skeleton of a fully automated booking platform, was created and The Urban Butler, was born.

The idea behind this new platform, would cut the admin work load, reduce the pricing, and enable more people to enjoy a quality Service.

As a wing of Executive Butlers, The Urban Butler, is here to transform your personalised cleaning experience, ensuring you have the punctuality, reliability of the Butlers and an easy online booking system.

In 2019 a New Butler arrived to the family with a strong, passionate background for Organic Produce, and the Health & Wellbeing industry. With the current global environmental issues, and the sharp growth in Eco-minded homeowners, we felt it was time to combine our knowledge base, and offer a unique and innovative service, culminating in “The Eco Butler”.


Our Team

Our wonderful team is made up of a wide range of qualified and experienced people, all working together to ensure that our clients get a high level of Service at all times.

Our personnel are all legal, registered and insured. They go through a very specific and detailed training, where they learn the aspects of Service, Communication and Respect. The Butler, an accredited Executive Butler from the London Guild of Butlers, works closely with each trainee through his partner in the US branch.

– The Butler –

A legendary story for some, a strong example for others. The Butler is for us, the driving force for this business. He is the backbone and support of The Urban Butler. Accredited by the Guild of British Butlers in London, few have had the privilege, of working closely with him.

– Harrison –

Harrison is the Administrator of the US Colorado branch under the ever-watchful Butler. Together, they work closely with Clients and Contractors to provide a unique and unparalleled Service in Colorado Springs. If you need something done, rest assured that under Harrison, it will be done properly.

– Abigail –
Freshly arrived from Manchester, mysterious and excellence can surely define our British Abi. Head of the AirBnb division of the company, she conquered The Urban Butler in a matter of months.

– Tiki –

Tiki has more than one trick up his sleeve, from woodcraft to impressive guitar experience, he has earned his nickname “Tiki the Handcrafter”. If you get a chance to have a chat, join in on our favourite activity of teasing him about his fascinating stories.

– Gary –

He’ll come to you with a hint of aroma from the morning’s coffee. Actually, it is hard to distinguish those two; coffee and Gary. And when the aroma of the morning coffee slowly fades, it makes space for a fresh and clean apartment. Gary will slowly come to you, to tell you that he’s done, still with his cup of coffee in hand, and the only thing for you is to wonder how’s that possible.

– Irving –

I met some people in my life who I can call novel characters…and yet, I’ve never met the Novelist itself. Until I met Irving. A man of many interests, with soft but sharp eyes, and smart glasses, he’s ready to turn any situation into a dynamic story with a happy end. No matter it is your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen…where you could find some fine pastry after his service… Irving, as an American enthusiast, brought us back memories of a free spirit of Pilgrims, ready to explore and leave their trace in people’s lives. But after his service, there won’t be any trace…

– Gil –

Even though his name is short, soft and next-door-neighbour friendly, his knowledge and achievements are way longer and bigger than one can imagine!!! An excellent IT magician, emergency IT doctor and development surgeon, shredding on his keyboard, Gill will make any virtual reality more real than you can imagine.

– Bryan –

As an excellent Costa Rican singer, Bryan found his way through life as a great chef and extraordinary Butler!

Forging his mannerisms and intuition in Jerusalem, this Costa Rican diamond received his final polish in Tel Aviv! Having Bryan on a Service, is like having a private opera show at home! And even more, by the end of the second act, your house is gleaming! …because life is a Cabaret my friend, life is a Ca ba reeeeeeeeeeeeet

– Luana –

A true brasilian woman of action. A silent hardworking hero who’ll tidy up your home in a rhythm of Samba while singing as a girl from Ipanema….& each apartment she passes goes – ahhh….;) In her case everyone will see the difference! With that kind of magical powers, Luana proudly represents Brasilian Executive Butlerette Division!

– Joseph –

The first appearance of our Josef will kick you back in the Cabaret Mein Freund, and all you know about Berlin will flash in front of your eyes-Josef ist ein Berliner!!
A gentle expression, sharp clear eyes, and speed of a squirrel made that shy youngster into an exceptional Butler in no time!
He is a multilinguist, multi-talent, and a great enthusiast. Those are his favorite tools to make your home shinny and happy with a trace of nostalgia of what youngsters once were…

– Thomas –

“Cien años de soledad” is a Latin masterpiece. When G.G.Marques introduced Aureliano Buendia to the world, showing his prophetic, simple thoughts; one couldn’t possibly imagine that “Many years later, when Aureliano Buendia took his sons to see the ice”, one of his ancestors will discover philosophical depth in Service and “Meaning of Life” in the Holy Land. With this wisdom, Thomas knows that wise men look down…Knowing this job is profound as his thoughts are.

– Ethan –

He’s a genuine wandering spirit from Peru. Ethan, the HawkEye of our crew, would never let down the mission even though it looks like Mission impossible.

With his unique, scientific approach to your bathroom, no matter if he can turn it into a laboratory, you could be sure that you’ll get it back cleaner than the laboratory!!
Being a part of Butler’s family, Ethan has become a part of his life novel…..

– Zee –

An London youngster, wanna be gangster, claiming to the stars, he joined us, Rather than go behind the bars, As cute Zee seems to thee, Beware he’s Rapper for real, He makes rhymes before you count to three, He’s gonna even tie your place, Because that’s the Deal! And Zee, he’s for real!

– Judah –

Georgia, Georgia…always on my mind…Sings Judah while doing his butler’s time in Isrl… A Lone soldier with many skills of handyman and calmness that overwhelm any space Judah walks in. As a Good spirit of Butler’s bunch, Judah’s mysterious appearance and quiet personality, allows him to do a service in the right sense of his character – Good spirit…You won’t even notice and all is done….a single breeze of Georgian planes took all your troubles away…and Judah will just put his self effacing smile and quietly continue to „ghost“ around…

– Nathan B –

Taking a bus ride with Nathan will actually teach you more about Southern U.S than any history book. Originally from Texas, his background in the military and his loyalty brought him to be a Team leader very quickly. If you have any problems with a vacuum cleaner not working properly, the company guarantees that it will close its doors for good, if he does not manage to repair it!

– Ike –

Sharp shaped Armenian from Jerusalem is willing to show all the skills which are not a norm for youngsters of that kind – precise, fast, reliable, with panther moves and sparkling eyes, he’s gonna fulfil your place with a nice gasp of joy totally stripping off all surfaces and eating place up again in no time…Being a butler of that kind certainly ensures bright future to his career and your home.
Ike is willing to show- and he shows it right!

– Schmekel –

The story of Schmekel is quite unique. Halfway between being our team mascot and filling an asymmetric grid, he is definitely part of our spirit. It is not unusual to hear his name during team meeting…

Join our crazy team

Do you have an interesting background or are you simply, a Service lover?

Are challenges boosting your creativity?

The Urban Butler, is constantly on the lookout for people with outstanding personalities, ready to work in a very challenging and fast growing environment. The unique opportunity, to get Butler training, work and grow within your field of interest.

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