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Our Story

Whilst sitting on a sunny beach in Tel Aviv, The Butler, heard a group of people discussing finding the perfect cleaning service. With an already established background (from Executive Butlers), he realised, that there could be a quality Service at a reasonable rate for all Tel-Avivians.

Being unique in everything he did, he asked Patrick Marciano, his partner, to come up with something different, and in keeping with the unique style, Patrick, surprised him.

A week later, the skeleton of a fully automated booking platform, was created and The Urban Butler, was born.

The idea behind this new platform, would cut the admin work load, reduce the pricing, and enable more people to enjoy a quality Service.

As a wing of Executive Butlers, The Urban Butler, is here to transform your personalised cleaning experience, ensuring you have the punctuality, reliability of the Butlers and an easy online booking system.


  • They were on time, professional, courteous and cleaned things I had seen other cleaners ignore or skip over! Really impressed with the level of work and detail!

    – Matana Soreff, Tel-Aviv -
  • "The Urban Butler is a wonderful service. The staff is professional, reliable, honest and courteous. They work in pairs and are thorough and fast. After every cleaning, I am asked for feedback so the service is consistently improving. I highly recommend them!"

    – Confidential client, Because we respect your privacy -
  • Excellent cleaning which I particularly appreciated. I recommend it to you.

    – Alain Ouaknine, France -
  • Wonderful service! Totally safe and easy to book!!

    – Andrew Litman, Tel-Aviv -
  • Amazing service! Always very organized and on time!

    – Jared Fried, Tel-Aviv -
  • Amazing service. Recommend to anyone living in Tel-Aviv.

    – Ryan Harris, Tel Aviv -
  • Very professional and organized service! Always on time and very accommodating!!

    – Maya Kotz, United States -
  • They do a great job and so customer oriented. Loved the service and paid attention to detail.

    – Josh Sirota, Tel Aviv -
  • The Butler is a very timely cleaning service that makes my apartment immaculate each time they come to clean. My roommates and I rely on them heavily each week and look forward to the next time that they come.

    – Kirya Ades-Aron, Tel-Aviv -
  • The urban butler service is a very reliable and trustworthy company. They do a great job cleaning up our dorm…making it look as good as new.”  

    – Corry Weinstein, United States -
  • The Urban Butler is amazing and does an incredible job! Any Tel Aviv home or business should hire them as they are timely, reputable, and do a very good cleaning job. Lucky to have used their service!

    – Elizabeth Jaffe, Tel-Aviv -

Our Team

Our wonderful team is made up of a wide range of qualified and experienced people, all working together to ensure that our clients get a high level of Service at all times.

Our personnel are all legal, registered and insured. They go through a very specific and detailed training, where they learn the aspects of Service, Communication and Respect. The Butler, an accredited Executive Butler from the London Guild of Butlers, works closely with each trainee.

The Butler

– The Butler –

A legendary story for some, a strong example for others. The Butler is for us, the driving force for this business. He is the backbone, support and Co-founder of The Urban Butler. Accredited by the Guild of British Butlers in London, few have had the privilege, of working closely with him.


– Patrick –

Co-founder of The Urban Butler, Patrick makes sure the latest technologies are implemented to create a unique and exclusive experience for our clients. Getting his ideas and testing the prototypes, you can spot him at our client properties working with the teams.


– Tiki –

Tiki has more than one trick up his sleeve, from woodcraft to impressive guitar experience, he has earned his nickname “Tiki the Handcrafter”. If you get a chance to have a chat, join in on our favourite activity of teasing him about his “olim” and Israel stories.


– Harrison –

Harrison is the not-so-typical American. Born on a farm but well traveled, he learned to do a bit of everything. He speaks English, Portuguese, and enough Spanish and Hebrew to get him into trouble. If you need something done with minimal questions asked, this is your man.


– Casey –

Casey, A British Gentleman which came to Israel in the name of love. Meticulous and always eager to get the job done to perfection and satisfaction. Always thinking of how to improve every process he sees, from the day to day ones to the more complicated and technological ones.  


– Nathan B –

Taking a bus ride with Nathan will actually teach you more about Southern U.S than any history book. Originally from Texas, his background in the military and his loyalty brought him to be a Team leader very quickly. If you have any problems with a vacuum cleaner not working properly, the company guarantees that it will close its doors for good, if he does not manage to repair it!


– Abigail –

Freshly arrived from Manchester, mysterious and excellence can surely define our British Abi. Head of the AirBnb division of the company, she conquered The Urban Butler in a matter of months.


– Daniel –

Daniel is our man from the United Kingdom. He brings with him a sense of British politeness and is always at hand to take care of things when you need him. It is not unusual to see him on the Hayarkon river kayaking in his free time.


– Felix –

His childish eyes and wonder-struck facial expressions are irresistible to any mother’s feelings. While his tattooed arms may scare you on the first site, a better look shows his deep emotional vulnerability and loyalty.
Felix brought with him a breeze of traditional “cultura Cubana”, making him an honest, humble, and hardworking butler.


– Elham –

Little is known about this Jerusalemite except that she has a quick wit and an eye for microscopic detail. Highly educated and well mannered, she zips to and fro, oft without being seen. Indeed the only evidence of her in a room is often noticeably shiny appliances.


– Thomas –

“Cien años de soledad” is a Latin masterpiece. When G.G.Marques introduced Aureliano Buendia to the world, showing his prophetic, simple thoughts; one couldn’t possibly imagine that “Many years later, when Aureliano Buendia took his sons to see the ice”, one of his ancestors will discover philosophical depth in Service and “Meaning of Life” in the Holy Land. With this wisdom, Thomas knows that wise men look down…Knowing this job is profound as his thoughts are.


– Bernardo –

The Gentle Giant Bernardo code name “Antikalk”, will reach the highest places at your apartment. He is one of our prized Butlers because he has made ladders irrelevant. Bonus: He can also tell you what the weather is like way up there.


– Yered –

He is a strapping young American fellow and a former IDF commander. With his trained eyes and sharp moves, he sticks to his code to leave nothing behind, neither prisoners nor dust. Trained as he is, he is a soft soul with many stories, so be sure to ask him about them!


– Nili –

Nili is a hardened veteran with a no nonsense policy toward cleanliness. She is always straightforward yet polite. After the outer shell, she is a caring and accepting person with a stabbing sense of humor.


– Sanjana –

A beautiful touch of India. The famous “house mouse” Sanjana, named for her tiny body and quick mind, will inspect every corner of your home leaving nothing but perfect cleanliness.


– Phillip –

A nomad, artist, philosopher, and soon to be an engineer, Philip has seen the bitter cold of Russia and the sweltering heat of Israel (and many places between). No matter the weather nor his discomfort, he will discuss any subject with ease before being whisked away to the next conversation or task.

Schmekel picture

– Schmekel –

The story of Schmekel is quite unique. Halfway between being our team mascot and filling an asymmetric grid, he is definitely part of our spirit. It is not unusual to hear his name during team meeting…


Join our crazy team

Do you have an interesting background or are you simply, a Service lover?

Are challenges boosting your creativity?

The Urban Butler, is constantly on the lookout for people with outstanding personalities, ready to work in a very challenging and fast growing environment. The unique opportunity, to get Butler training, work and grow within your field of interest.