Our Story

On a sunny day in the Middle East, a man was sitting on the Butlers’ deck. He had studied under the only certified Butler in Israel for two years. As a recent graduate, he wondered to himself, “What will I do with my life?”. The answer lay in Service, but he did not know it yet.

He pondered for hours; he ventured into the sea to clear his mind. The Mediterranean waves washed over his body and soul.

When he came out, he knew what he must do.

The very same day he told the Butler and his constituents “I’ll be leaving now, off to start the best Service in the United States. And I’ll start it in my home state: Colorado”.

The Butler gave his bittersweet blessing upon this venture. Harrison said his goodbye to everything he had known in this part of the world. Indeed, he lost a great deal in the search for meaning and Service.

Still, he knew it would be worth everything…


Our Team

Our wonderful team is made up of a wide range of qualified and experienced people all working together to ensure that our clients get a high level of Service at all times.

Our personnel are all legal, registered, and insured. They go through a very specific and detailed training, where they learn the aspects of Service, Communication, and Respect. The Butler, an accredited Executive Butler from the London Guild of Butlers, works closely with each trainee through his partner in the US branch.

– The Butler –

A legendary story for some. A strong example for others. The Butler is for us, the driving force for this business. He is the backbone and support of The Urban Butler. Accredited by the Guild of British Butlers in London, few have had the privilege of working closely with him.

– Harrison –

Harrison comes from the hard knock blue-collar industries. Combined with his ample business experience, he oversees business development in all US branches. He works closely with Clients and Contractors alike to provide a unique and unparalleled Service. If you need something done, rest assured that under Harrison it will be done properly and to the highest of expectation.

– Alan –

Alan is our newest partner in the company. He started off in Israel and has worked his way up to our Vice President position. He has proven himself again and again, from client relations to marketing to sales, and he doesn’t seem to be done yet! We’ll see what the future holds for him as we strive towards taking EB to the next level…

– Meagan –

Meagan is one of our longest tenured Head Butlers and can be described as the best work mom anyone could ask for. She’s always willing to help the team with whatever task is asked of her and does so with a can-do attitude. Meagan is also an avid owner of several fish tanks (more than she knows what to do with if we’re being honest), so if you ever have any fish related questions she’s the person to ask!

– Layla –

Layla comes to EB with experience in the hospitality industry, which has served her well since joining our team. Her teammates describe her as hard working, detail-oriented, and “the most caring coworker I’ve ever had.” Layla is also quite adept at coming up with absolute masterpieces of toilet paper origami.

– Cassie –

Although Cassie is our youngest Butler, she has a very keen eye for detail. From the moment she joined us, she’s been like a sponge making sure to take her time to listen and absorb all instruction and guidance given to her. These traits suit her well as she strives to be the best cleaner ever. Cassie knows how to make her teammates laugh and is constantly told she should be a comedian in her spare time.

– Jay –

Jay has a wonderful blend of gentlemanly demeanor and rough around the edges humor. Should you have the pleasure of meeting him, he will leave you laughing and feeling like your his best friend. He has specialized in cleaning windows for nearly five years now and is always looking for ways to improve his craft. There’s no stopping this one!

– Robert –

Robert is our newest addition to the EB team and he brings with him extensive experience in stage rigging and window hanging. He is incredibly knowledgeable and a true professional when it comes to his work. You can be rest assured that with Rob, the job will get done properly, efficiently, and to the highest standard possible.

– Casper –

Casper, our very own “not so friendly ghost” as he likes to be called, is on the contrary quite affable and pleasant to be around. He brings with him a very diverse set of experiences and skills as an arborist as well as several other trades, which makes him highly versatile. We consider ourselves very lucky to have someone like Casper as part of our team and look forward to seeing what he’ll accomplish with EB!

Join our crazy team

Have an interesting background or are you simply a Service lover?

Do challenges boost your creativity?

The Urban Butler is constantly on the lookout for new people with outstanding personalities who are ready to work in a very challenging and fast-paced environment. Apply today and experience a unique opportunity to get Butler training, work, and grow within your field of interest.

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