Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Urban Butler work 7 days a week?

At this stage, we currently only offer a Service, 6 days per week (Sunday-Friday), however, if Saturdays or Public holidays are required, we will always try to accommodate this. Should you require this, please email the The Butler at with your request.

How much training do each of your team members receive?

Each member goes through a minimum of one months training, under the supervision of The Butler, an accredited Butler from the London Guild of British Butlers. The training continues in the field for a further period of 6 months minimum, before the new member can start leading a team. We also hold monthly team meetings, where we focus on how to improve the quality of the Urban butler Service, even further.

Do I need to pay Bituach Leumi (The National Insurance Institute of Israel)?

No this is all included in your price.

Should I tip the cleaning team when they are done?

It is not a requirement, but again, this is always appreciated and shows the teams how you feel about their work. We promise that each member of our team is well looked after and compensated fully for their hard work.

Do I need to pay for transportation?

No,all transportation is paid for by The Urban butler.

Is the Urban Butler VAT registered?

Yes, we are a fully registered and legal Concept.

Where are your team from?

We are a “United Nations” of people and come from all over the world.  Although the majority of our team come from Europe, a few members of the team are from South Africa, South America and North America, have a look at some things they told us here

If you’re looking for fun people to work with apply here –

How do I obtain a VAT receipt from The Urban Butler?

Paypal will send you a receipt via email, however, if you would like a VAT receipt from The Urban Butler, you can receive this quickly and easily by sending an email request to This will then be emailed back to you.

Will The Urban Butler also do my laundry?

Currently, we are not offering either an in-house or collect and return laundry service, but we hope to in the future, so watch this space.

What areas does The Urban Butler cover?

We are currently providing Services in the Tel aviv and surrounding areas, including Ramat Aviv, Givatayim and Jaffa.

I have an AirBnB: does The Urban Butler Service these too?

Yes! Additionally, if you manage several properties, we are offering you to link those with our booking system, so that any new Airbnb bookings is directly register for a check-in/check-out Service on our platform, making it easier for you to manage your properties.

What supplies does the Urban Butler team bring with them?

The Urban Butler, believes that premium quality cleaning supplies make a huge difference in the quality of the Service. That is why our cleaning teams come with carefully selected E-Cloths, all cleaning products and sprays, specific tools for those hard to get to places, magic sponge and gloves.

Do I need to provide anything?

The only things that we ask our clients for are, hot water, a mop stick and bucket, and a vacuum (if you do not have a vacuum please notify us during the booking process).

Can I leave my keys in a “safe place” for you?

Unfortunately, we do require someone to be at the property when we arrive and leave the premises, this is as much for your safety as ours.

Can I stay at home during the service?

Of course, this is your home!  However, we do ask that you let The Urban Butler Team working uninterrupted, in order to ensure that they have the time to do a thorough job in the allocated time. You may prefer to step out for a spot of shopping or a nice relaxing coffee, whilst they turn your home into your dream home.

Can I leave my pet at home whilst the Urban Butler Team are providing a service?

Yes, of course it is their home too! We are a pet friendly company, however, we ask our clients to notify us if their pet is not as friendly as us.

Will my bed linen be changed during a service?

If you would like your bed linen changed, we are more than happy to do so. Please select the checkbox whilst booking your service and leave your clean linen on the bed, and our team will make you feel like you’re walking into an hotel room upon your return.

The Service says “x” hours included, doesn't that seem too much?

It may seems much, compared to what people are used to in Israel. However, the level of detail we bring into the Service, will make your home clean for a longer time and you will feel the difference in the Service level. In addition, we work in Teams of at least 2 Butlers, therefore,  the time is cut in half, ensuring, the Service is done efficiently and speedily.

How are the hours calculated?

According to the number of bedrooms. We know from experience, how the number of bedrooms, affect on average the size of a property, doing so, we are able to evaluate the time requirement for any property.

How are the hours divided up

The Urban Butler sends teams of two, to get the job done even faster than you can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. So, a 6 hours Service, would only have our team in your home for 3 hours, as two Butlers work together.

What do we mean by a higher level of service?

We offer a much more detailed Service and clean in places that people do not see and look after our clients health, i.e air conditioner filters. Nothing is left to the chance, after we finish a room, the other team member will double check on the space to avoid missing any spots. The training also pushes our team members to always cover any areas that are usually left untouched by regular cleaners (i.e the tops of doors, hard to reach places…).

What are reports? And how do I see them?

After each service, your team completes a property report in order to track what was done, and have a history to look over before your next booking. You have full access to these reports and we encourage our clients to look over them after their service.

After your first service with Urban butler, you will receive an email with a link to your personal report that only you and Urban Butler can view.

How does the Urban Butler count rooms?

In Israel, an apartment, is generally counted as the number of rooms, when talking about it i.e a 2 bedroom apartment is referred to as a 3 room apartment, however, The Urban Butler counts it by the number of actual bedrooms, (unless of course you turn one into a studio/office/den).

What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel your Service, with 48 hours or more advance notice, we will reimburse the full amount. Between 48 and 24 hours, we will reimburse the Service, minus the credit card fees (if applicable). Under 24 hours there is a no refund policy, as our availability was closed off for the booking.  

Can I pay with cash?

No, we only accept payment via Credit Cards, PayPal and of course bitcoin 🙂

Is my booking confirmed before I have completed the payment?

No, in order to confirm your booking, payment must be completed.

What happens once my booking is confirmed?

Once you have purchased your Service, whether it be a once off or contract, and chosen your prefered time and date for the Service, you will receive a confirmation email. The evening before your Service, you will receive an SMS reminding you of your Service and confirming the time.

What are the differences between a once off and a contract Service:

When booking a Once Off Service, you are choosing just a one time Service, Whereas, when you choose a Contract Service, you are choosing a one month contract, that has two options (2 or 4 Services included in a month).

What’s the hourly rate of a once off Service?

The all inclusive hourly rate is 75 NIS.

Why should I choose a monthly contract?

The rate for monthly contracts is slightly lower (65 NIS per hour), as well as providing you with the convenience of being able to pre-book for the coming month, your cleaning worries will be so far behind you, you will have forgotten that they existed.

How long is a contract for?

Each contract runs on a month by month, only.

Can I start a contract at any time in the month?

Yes, the contract period starts on the day it is purchased.

How many Services are included in a monthly contract?

You can choose between two different monthly contracts. One will provide you with 2 services per month and one will provide you with a weekly Service.

I chose the monthly contract, with a weekly Service, but some months have 5 weeks instead of 4, how does that work?

The monthly contract, with a weekly Service, is designed to overcome this issue. Thus we are actually counting 4.5 Services per month for you, so you do not need to to worry about the extra week, which happens in four months of the year.

Will my contract automatically roll on to the next month?

We are currently working with the payment processors to enable this functionality in the coming months. But as of today, you will need to login to your account and purchase a new contract for the coming month.

Will I receive a reminder when my contract is about to end?

An email is sent a few days prior to the end of any contract, reminding you for the next month.