Our Story

On a sunny day in the Middle East, a man was sitting on the Butlers’ deck. He had studied under the only certified Butler in Israel for two years. As a recent graduate, he wondered to himself, “What will I do with my life?”. The answer lay in Service, but he did not know it yet.

He pondered for hours; he ventured into the sea to clear his mind. The Mediterranean waves washed over his body and soul.

When he came out, he knew what he must do.

The very same day he told the Butler and his constituents “I’ll be leaving now, off to start the best Service in the United States. And I’ll start it in my home state: Colorado”.

The Butler gave his bittersweet blessing upon this venture. Harrison said his goodbye to everything he had known in this part of the world. Indeed, he lost a great deal in the search for meaning and Service.

Still, he knew it would be worth everything…


Our Team

Our wonderful team is made up of a wide range of qualified and experienced people all working together to ensure that our clients get a high level of Service at all times.

Our personnel are all legal, registered, and insured. They go through a very specific and detailed training, where they learn the aspects of Service, Communication, and Respect. The Butler, an accredited Executive Butler from the London Guild of Butlers, works closely with each trainee through his partner in the US branch.

– The Butler –

A legendary story for some. A strong example for others. The Butler is for us, the driving force for this business. He is the backbone and support of The Urban Butler. Accredited by the Guild of British Butlers in London, few have had the privilege of working closely with him.

– Harrison –

Harrison is the Administrator of the US Colorado branch under the ever-watchful Butler. Together, they work closely with Clients and Contractors to provide a unique and unparalleled Service in Colorado Springs. If you need something done, rest assured that under Harrison it will be done properly.

– Alan –

Alan is our newest partner in the company. He started off in Israel and has now become  an integral part of the US Colorado branch after showing immense promise and potential.  We’ll see what the future holds for him as we strive towards taking EB to the next level…

– Alexander –

From the moment Alex joined us, we knew there was something special about him. Alex is intelligent, personable, and funny. His days of moving furniture with Two Men make him one of our strongest guys on the team. You’ll find him carrying as much equipment as he possibly can into your home without so much as breaking a sweat. Above all, Alex has a kind heart and will clean your home like no other!

– Jay –

Jay is a wonderful blend of gentlemanly demeanor and rough around the edges humor. When you have the pleasure of having him, he will leave you laughing and curious. He has specialized in cleaning windows for nearly 4 years now and is always looking for ways to improve his craft. There’s no stopping this one!

– Ron –

Big and tall is what we see from the outside of Ron. However, what lies underneath is his fierce loyalty as well as first-rate work ethic. It’s all about working as efficiently as possible for him. The only thing bigger than his beard is his personality and drive to excel in his work. With over a decade of experience in window washing and maintenance, there are few who rival his efficiency on lowers.

– Cheayne –

Cheayne is the guy we call when we need it done. He never complains and endorses the hard labor. He is skinny like no other, but we can’t underestimate his ability to lift heavy objects and eat his weight in food. He is very diverse in his skillset with us, doing both window washing and specialty cleaning, and he’s a very handy assistant.

Join our crazy team

Have an interesting background or are you simply a Service lover?

Do challenges boost your creativity?

The Urban Butler is constantly on the lookout for new people with outstanding personalities who are ready to work in a very challenging and fast-paced environment. Apply today and experience a unique opportunity to get Butler training, work, and grow within your field of interest.

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